Aug 10 2012

Understanding Medical Intuition

Humans have the capacity for accessing information without direct observation, knowledge or understanding. Intuition is an immediate knowing without going through the normal analysis of the left brain. It all begins in infancy – long before children can think in words. One example is the child who speaks in complex sentences without learning grammar.

There are three types of intelligence. The first is instinctual and it is inherited or hardwired into our body’s computer at birth. The second is sensory intelligence. Jung described this as the ability to think logically. This is the domain the left brain that operates in time and space.

Third is intuitive intelligence and it seems to operate in a non-physical realm. It will instantly give you the correct answer to a complex problem when the left brain cannot come up with a solution. Rupert Sheldrake, the British biologist, has done many experiments with animals and intuition. It seems when one type of animal learns a new behavior, the rest of the species tap into what he termed the “morphogenetic field” and acquire that skill. Many studies indicate that intuition exists outside of time and space so that humans, like Sheldrake’s animals, can access fields of new information. As more people develop medical intuition, the possibility for others to access that information increases.

This leads us to the area of medical intuition. It has been stated that this innate ability goes all the way back to the recorded notes of Pythagoras (500 BCE) but it has only been in the past several decades that the term “medical intuitive” has come into public awareness. It is interesting that most of the original medical intuitives had no medical backgrounds. They discovered their gifts by accident.

Frequently, medical intuitives spontaneously begin to see inside the body. They describe the experience as suddenly seeing a picture in their mind’s eye that is similar to looking at a three dimensional x-ray. The important difference between a normal x-ray and what the medical intuitive sees is that MIs do not see disease. Nor do they use their physical vision but rather see into a higher frequency using clairvoyance (clear seeing). Using this higher vision, it is possible to detect physical problems by seeing disturbances in the energy fields that surround as well as penetrate a person’s body. The image is then evaluated to discover health related issues. As their visions continue to evolve, MIs begin to see all the organs, glands and systems in the physical body.

Sight continues expanding on different levels and eventually the medical intuitive is able to see scenes from the childhood of the client. Energy blockages appear to begin at early ages and they eventually build into physical problems. These initial situations or experiences may seem unrelated to present day problems but they are the root cause.

Another component in the multiple talents of the medical intuitive is the ability to link illness to an individual’s thoughts and emotions. It is a fact that emotional triggers cause dis-harmony in the energy body and then filter down to the physical body. A balanced, healthy body is the result of clients discovering previously unresolved mental and emotional problems and working to harmonize them. Most MIs focus on the cause rather than apparent symptoms.

When did the United States begin studying medical intuitives? It began over thirty-five years ago when a psychiatrist named Dr. Gerald Jampolsky learned about the psychic diagnostic abilities of Annette Martin. She was tested in front of a panel of twelve physicians. To their amazement, Martin was accurately able to diagnose the physical and emotional states of four of Jampolsky’s patients. Additionally, she named the cause of each of their medical conditions. Over the next five years, he worked with Martin and showed a documentary film of her at medical conferences all over the country.

Since that time we may have heard and seen people like Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz and Dr. Judith Orloff who are both intuitive medical doctors. However, the great majority of medical intuitives, like Carolyn Myss, have no medical background. Her work with Dr. Norm Shealy led to his coining the term “Medical Intuitive.” To Shealy, it meant someone who was an excellent psychic and also had scientific inclinations. He added credibility to the term by conducting years of double blind studies with Myss.

It seems that today more and more MDs, DOs and DCs are collaborating with medical intuitives. By utilizing their skills at clarifying specific issues, MIs can discourage unnecessary medical interventions. There is an emerging medical understanding that illness is mental, emotional and spiritual as well as physical. This means looking at causes beyond the physical. It is also understood that when the higher frequencies of the electromagnetic field are balanced and in harmony, the immune system produces health in the physical body. The role of medical intuitives is now being more widely accepted, indicating their value to the community will continue to increase in future years.

9 thoughts on “Understanding Medical Intuition

    • Using the pendulum and rods are excellent tools for getting information from the subconscious or supraconscious.
      I use them both. I find the L-rods are great for showing people what their chakras are doing. Most people don’t see the energy of the chakras or inside the body as I do.
      Thanks for your comments…..

  1. Intuition will allow downloading the information in general
    not present to our senses. Call it a still voice, a hint or a gut feeling – right after it
    starts occurring you will know it’s no fluke.!
    Dowsing is a technique we can use to gain access to the intuition by means of dowsing pendulum or perhaps divining rod.
    I’ve been practicing it for a number of years and I really believe
    anyone can very well learn it.

  2. Thanks for this great article. I work mostly as an animal healer, and so developing MI skills would be very beneficial! I find that, for domestic animals at least, their humans are often so emotionally connected to them (and vice versa) that for their healing I need to also address the human family’s healing needs. So I like to help the humans too! I am working through your book; also amazing.

    Thank you

  3. Very interesting article. Edgar Cayce was I think one of the first American Medical Intuitives

  4. Phone consultations include a mutual discovery of the most important issues that need immediate attention, an intuitive diagnostic scan, energy work to help access and release any emotional or physical blocks in the body, and a guided process to help the client access their own inner wisdom and gain insight. Clients also report feeling more relaxed and often experience a dramatic reduction in their pain levels after a phone session.

    • How many times do you have to promote yourself on my site using other people’s names? It is very curious to me……….

  5. Hello Nancy,
    I have been studying your book “The Energy Healer’s Guide” and am really interested in learning more by attending one of your seminars for medical intuition. I live in Australia. When and where is your next seminar to be held?

    I practice, hypnotherapy and complementary therapies.

    Love and kind regards,


    • Hi Sheela,
      Thanks so much for your kind words. I have taught in Australia in the past but not recently. The next 4 months I am teaching in Tucson, AZ and traveling to teach and speak at conferences around the country. At the moment I have no training seminars scheduled for Medical Intuitive Certification. I will put your name on a list to be advised when one is scheduled.