The Energy Healer’s Guide

Energy Healer's Guide

An Integrative Medicine Program for Self-Development and Teaching

  • Authored by Nancy Anne Clark PhD.
  • List Price: $24.95
  • 7″ x 10″ (17.78 x 25.4 cm) 
270 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-1466257788 (CreateSpace) 
ISBN-10: 1466257784 
BISAC: Medical / Alternative Medicine

It is the transformative moment of seeing inside the body. The dark spot on the man’s chest is so distracting that she finds herself looking at it more often than into his eyes. Suddenly, Nancy feels compelled to change this strange appearance so it will reflect the same light radiating from the rest of his body. She observes that moving her hand over the dark area releases golden threads of energy. Nancy is unaware that anyone possesses this ability. Amazingly, she learns that his twenty years of suffering from chronic ulcers is reversed in a few minutes.

After a decade of global teaching what later became known as “medical intuition,” it becomes apparent that this is a skill anyone can learn. People around the world, including her translators, begin seeing inside the body without trying or ever intending to become healers.

Now you can learn these fast, effective and life-transforming procedures. The information contained within these pages is actually three books in one. The first book describes the future of medicine and how to become a professional healer. Learning how to conduct a session using energy techniques is the focus of the second book. An invaluable resource guide to symptoms, emotional influences and solutions makes up the third book.

Nancy Clark, PhD, is a psychotherapist, medical intuitive, author, international lecturer, and a candidate for naturopathic doctor. Her 100-hour course and clinic in “Medical Intuitive Certification & Energy Healing” have been taught around the world for twenty years. Dr. Clark’s work first began with projects to reduce stress in post communist countries. She is the founder of AZ Integrative Therapies in Tucson, Arizona. The purpose of the Center is to present a radically new approach to intuitive energy healing integrating East/West traditions.

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6 thoughts on “The Energy Healer’s Guide

  1. Hey i find this article very intriguing. the concept alone got my attention and to know we can radiate golden strands of energy is beyond my level of understanding. all in all very interesting stuff and if u get a moment can u send me some energy healing techniques or book suggestions outside of this one.

  2. I have this … gift. This energy, but I don’t quite know how to direct it or use it consistently. Feel strange even asking about it. Even asking some stranger if this is nuts. But I was drawn to your site and have been writing those words – intuitive energy and healing – together for a long time and not knowing why. Because those were the words that came to me when this energy surged and I helped someone or thought I could. Is there a way to discipline my natural abilities? To concentrate this gift?

  3. wow some of this also rings true in me . I have always looked at things in a negative and scary way. Knowing there is a better way. hopefully very soon ill be living in a wwonderful place again … thanks for the concept

    • Hi Anna! Great to hear your comments. Most humans were programmed to worry. Now we know that worry attracts the very things we worry about to us immediately. Life is a lot easier without worry!