Healing Techniques

Over the years I have been gifted with some unique techniques that have been surprisingly rewarding. Over the months ahead I plan to share these ideas so you can use them in your modalities. Also, it might be interesting if you would like to submit some ideas you have found helpful. This could be an area of exchanging what we have discovered.

Getting Rid of Pain

An ever-present reality for many people is the physical pain in their lives. It can be due to arthritis, cancer, digestive problems, and the list goes on. The first thing the energy worker needs to realize is that all pain is the result of stuck energy. The body is sending a message that something is not right and needs to have attention paid to that area.

What is the best way to move stuck energy? The day I began seeing inside the body, I had no training in healing but I knew I could not let my visitor leave until I at least tried to change the darkness I saw in his stomach area. Not knowing any modality, I began to move my hand back and forth over the dark area. I saw golden laser-like beams flowing out my fingers and into the stomach. Almost immediately, light transformed the area and it looked better than the surrounding areas. When the area was filled with light, I knew the “treatment” was complete.

In the middle of writing this, a dear client phoned to say that her right knee was so painful she could not walk normally. Understand that it is as easy to see in the body at a distance of many miles as it is when the person is in front of you. As I focused on her leg I noticed the lower end of the femur (the long bone from the hip to the knee) was out of alignment and pushing the patella (knee cap) forward. There was also a build-up of fluid behind the knee.

I intuitively knew there was pain on the outside area of the knee as well. I used my hands to manipulate her etheric knee and pelvis just as I would if we had been together. Then I asked her to stand on the leg and move it to see if there was any residual pain. It was greatly reduced and she was pleased. The other aspect of this shift and movement of energy is that it will continue to improve as the excess fluid begins to move out of behind the knee over the next few hours.

Energy should spiral more than move in a straight line. Stuck energy is quickly and easily dislodged by spiraling or moving it at a ninety-degree angle. Another excellent method is to explode stuck energy out of the body like fireworks (especially effective for eliminating menstrual cramps). This is far more effective than a Reiki treatment ­ and longer lasting. These modalities take two or three minutes as compared to other modalities that take forty-five minutes or an hour and need to be repeated the following day.