Aug 10 2012

Expect A Miracle

Humanity is entering a time when what we consider to be miracles will become commonplace. Everyone will be talking about their amazing experiences. Children will share their mystical world and adults will finally believe them.

On my first driving trip from the East Coast to the West, I had been driving a straight road with a flat landscape for what seemed like hours. At one point, I knew I had to stop and get out of the car as I started to enter the world of road hypnosis. The day was glorious and I was filled with energy. My arms were raised to the blue sky and my head was tilted back. I began running as fast as I could on the flat terrain.

Suddenly, two strong hands grabbed both my ankles. My body pitched forward. There was no time to brace my fall or even see where I was going to land. To my utter shock, my upper chest and head were extended over an enormous open pit mine. Even more frightening was the fact that the sand under my shoulders was eroding down the mine shaft. There was no time to waste as I began to slither backwards away from the opening. Finally, when I believed the ground was stable enough to support me. I stood up and in a daze began walking back to the car.

The only pain I felt had been caused by a large rock that was under my body when I fell. It had immediately fallen into the shaft. After walking many steps back towards the car, I could hear the rock bouncing off the scaffolding on its path to the bottom of the shaft. It became very apparent that taking only one more step meant I would no longer be alive. Someone in spirit had saved me from certain death.

Do you have a guardian angel? Has your life ever been saved? I believe we all have a special group of caretakers and guardians in spirit. They may be angels or guides, from animals to shamans. You may be attracted to an ascended master or an archangel. A spirit being often reflects your culture, traditions, religion and expresses your model or perspective of the world.

All children see into the world of spirit. In fact, they must learn to see the physical world as we see it. They don’t just see into the spirit world, they observe other time lines and even events that happened before they were born. One day a six-year old said to me, “I am back in my little body.” So I asked where he had been. He explained that sometimes he went to the tallest tree in the park as he could see as much as the birds from up there. He consciously left the body whenever he wanted. So can you!

It has been said for over two thousand years that we should become like little children and today it is more valid than ever. Let go of any beliefs that hold you in linearity and polarity. Remember that everything that anyone has ever accomplished is in the grid or the matrix. It is held there as pure potential for you to access.

Recently, a client came for a session and expressed his regret that his mentor, an accomplished artist, was no longer physical. Now that this man could really benefit from painting classes, they were not available. The artist had lived on the other side of the world so proximity would have been a problem. It was easy for me to “see” the artist in spirit and suggest to my client that here was the perfect opportunity. His deceased friend and mentor could teach him more easily now than ever before. We can access the talents of all those who have gone before us – and, most likely, those who will come after.

Whenever you believe you are stuck in a situation, know that you are being given a chance to experience a miracle. How would circumstances play out if you let the universe open a door? What limiting beliefs were placed in your subconscious mind by well meaning adults when you were a child? Now is the time to recognize any limitations and rewrite the script.

Sometimes I feel like a puppet on strings with Spirit holding those strings. As a result, I have always seemed to be at the right place at the right time. Opportunities present themselves without my bidding. I meet incredible people who are fun to be with and who are excited about the future of Earth.

This can be your world too. Expand your awareness to expect the unexpected. Ask those in spirit to bring you people who see through similar eyes. Make certain your relationships are balanced so that you receive as much as you give. Know that this world is meant to be fun. Wake up every morning and tell yourself, “Today I expect a miracle!” Then, live your day in joyous expectation.

2 thoughts on “Expect A Miracle

  1. Dear Nancy,

    This short article is a jewel, a total inspiration and a reminder to me. 🙂

    I know everything you say to be true. It used to be my life too. No clue, however, as to what has happened to me lately! My body is suffering, my heart feels a little sad. I have been “spoken to” before… the exact words I needed to hear. Interference from the unseen, that felt quite physical to me also, has kept me safe, in other circumstances. Where did I go wrong?

    I will ask for help today… and expect a miracle. x

    Thank you for your beautiful writing.