One of the first things children learn to do in today’s society is to judge. They compare themselves to everything around them. “Am I as smart or as good looking or as confident?”

“Do I live in a good neighborhood and are my parents successful?”

And it doesn’t stop there. As an adult, you continue judging where you are in society. Do I drive an expensive car? Where do I go on vacations?

And then there are the even deeper issues of race, religion, philosophy.

What about retirement and insurance benefits?

How will my health be in a couple of years?

The Shift of the Ages is just ahead. All the divergent paths of society are merging into one path.

Native Americans refer to it as the Path of One Heart.

Many people have already discovered it. They feel a part of All That Is. Fear is no longer shaping their reality. Optimism, joy and peace within are expressed daily.

Come walk with me on the Path of One Heart.

Humanity has now reached critical mass. Watch for the positive changes as we all begin walking the Path of One Heart.