Atlantis & Lemuria

Atlantis & Lemuria

Journeys of Remembrance are guided meditations accompanied by beautiful music to gently move you into the Alpha state. They are designed to be keys to relaxation during the chaos present in everyday lives.

Atlantis & Lemuria help you travel back in time, first to Atlantis and the Temple of the Dolphins for healing. The second meditation takes you even further back to Lemuria with the high point being a visit to the Temple of Wisdom to learn the purpose of your Lemurian lifetimes. Both meditations offer a description of life during those epochs.

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  1. To keep your life moving forward towards your goals use the water elements energy and ancient knowledge of Atlantis that is found in Atlantian Record Keeper crystals in your meditations. You might also consider placing one or two of them in the north part of your home (or in the back center of your home, depending on which school you adopt.) However, when using a Record Keeper in your home, avoid placing them in light brown areas so that the water elemental energy of the Record Keeper is not diminished by earth energy.